Welcome Trust Capacity Building Programme

The grant is managed through the following three committees, headed by the Executive Committee.

PHFI-UKC Wellcome Trust Programme – Short Training Courses

The programme includes short term courses that are aimed at strengthening capacity through specialized or advanced short term training in priority areas in public health. The courses are usually of one week duration. The aim is to develop courses of specific relevance to public health in India and which are of value to all PHFI/IIPH faculty, providing in-service and 'refresher' training for established faculty and to improve teaching and learning skills. These courses are organized collaboratively by faculty from the UK partner institutions and PHFI/IIPHs.

For more information please read the following announcement:

Announcement for Short Training Courses

The short term courses under the Wellcome Trust Capacity Building Programme (WTP) are aimed at strengthening capacity through specialized or advanced short term training in priority areas in research and public health identified by the Public Health Foundation of India (PHFI). The courses will usually be of 1 week duration and held every 2-3 months.

Topic/Area of Interest

The topic for the short term courses will be identified based on the requirements of PHFI’s Indian Institutes of Public Health (IIPH) faculty and in focus areas of PHFI. PHFI will also identify courses that are offered by the UK institutes, which may be of relevance to the IIPH faculty and decide on the options best suited to the faculty needs at PHFI/IIPH.

Course coordination and faculty

A maximum of 2 faculties from the UK will be invited to conduct each course. In exceptional cases more than two UK faculties may be required; such requests will be dealt with on case-by-case basis by the WTP Teaching and Training Committee Chairs.  There will be a scientific course coordinator identified for each course, one from the UK institute and one from PHFI/IIPH. Two UK members, including the lead, in collaboration with colleagues from PHFI India would develop the content of the courses tailored to PHFI’s needs/priorities and teach the courses jointly. The engagement of the UK and PHFI/IIPH staff would be a collaborative one.

The course logistics would be handled by the establishment officer at the IIPH and the WTP Secretariat will make arrangements for accommodation and local travel of the participants and UK faculty in India for the duration of the short course.


The total number of participants will be approximately 25-30 for every short term course. The participants from each IIPH will be nominated by the Director of the individual institute. PHFI participants will also be appropriately identified. If there are slots remaining, external participants from other institutes would also be considered. The number of participants from each institute will be determined by the WTP Teaching and Training Committee.


The short term courses will be held in India at the IIPHs. The IIPH in which the short course will take place will be determined by the WTP Teaching and Training Committee.


  • Travel to and from India for UK trainers will be booked (or refunded) by the WTP Secretariat at LSHTM
  • Accommodation, local travel,  and meals for the duration of the short course (or per diem if meals are not provided) to be arranged and managed by WTP Secretariat in India
  • Payment for UK staff time (£1400 per person per week) will be paid to UK Institutions by WTP Secretariat at LSHTM.