Welcome Trust Capacity Building Programme

The grant is managed through the following three committees, headed by the Executive Committee.

PHFI-UKC Wellcome Trust Programme – Research Grants

This programme invites applications from faculty / research staff at PHFI/IIPHs for research grants. The research under these grants is based at PHFI/IIPHs, includes collaboration with UK partner institutions and is aimed at capacity building in public health research at PHFI/IIPHs.

For more information please read the following announcement:

Announcement for Research Grants

November 2012

Under the PHFI‐UKC Wellcome Trust Capacity Building Programme, applications are invited from faculty / research staff at PHFI/IIPHs for research grants. These grants would be based at PHFI/IIPHs, would include collaboration with UK partner institutions, and are aimed at capacity building in public health research at PHFI/IIPHs. Applications addressing health system/policy priorities and high disease burden conditions of India are encouraged.

These grants will be awarded for small research studies of public health importance to India. The estimated amount of funds available for each small research grant is 2 million rupees over two years. Collaboration on this research with faculty at UK partner institutions is encouraged. It is expected that the investigator will facilitate research capacity building of at least one other staff at PHFI/IIPHs through the research under this grant.



The applicant would generally be mid/junior level faculty or research staff at PHFI/IIPHs. He/she must have previous research output indicative of ability to conduct significant research.

Application Procedure

Email electronic version of the application (File name: Principal Investigator surname followed by WTP RG) to wtp.researchgrants@phfi.org with the following components in a single document:

  1. Research plan. This should include the title, overall goal, specific objectives, methods, analysis plan, expected outcome, timeline, and a dissemination and publication plan. This should not exceed 12 pages , excluding references. 
  2. Itemized budget and justification for each item.
  3. Curriculum vitae of all investigators listed in the grant application.


If you need further information about these research grants, please send your query to wtp.researchgrants@phfi.org

Applications must be received by 7 January 2013 at wtp.researchgrants@phfi.org. Incomplete or late applications will not be considered. The applications will be reviewed by a panel comprising of members from PHFI/IIPHs and the UK partner institutions. The shortlisted candidates will be interviewed for final decision.